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Seat and Body – Moving in Harmony

Lines of communication for You and the Horse

Understanding what horse body language is communicating and how to respond. Ground-work activities such as giving commands and leading your horse for a walk in the dunes.

This activity increases awareness and helps you feel more confident and comfortable with the horse. No riding


In touch with the horse – Touch and Introspection

Experience the feelings TellingtonTouch massage and relaxation techniques put at your fingertips. This gentle respectful training method promotes a cooperative trust and wellbeing between animals and humans. This activity includes grooming your horse, using TellingtonTouch and exploring the connection between you and the horse. No riding.


Seat and Body – Moving in Harmony

Learning to sit and move properly on your horse not only helps your riding; it promotes the wellbeing of both the rider and horse. We will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and draw from various techniques as needed, including the Franklin method, Pilates and use equipment such as elastic bands and Franklin balls.

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