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Horse Riding

In order to create a bond with your horse, all activities include bringing the horses in from pasture, grooming, and tacking up. 

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Trail Ride

We will take you to discover Cabo Sardão's unique landscape: the dunes, the cliffs, the lighthouse...




Private Lessons 

Personalized Individual lessons for all levels. With a focus on the seat as the principal means of communication between rider and horse.

45 min



Groom,Care & Cuddles

For beginners of any age that want to have a gentle first experience and learn about horse care.

20 min



Guided Trail ride

A short guided trail ride, for first timers to be able to find their balance in a saddle and be able to appreciate the views

30 mins



New Activities 

Lines of communication for You and the Horse. 

In touch with the horse – Touch and Introspection

Seat and Body – Moving in Harmony




Holiday Packages 

Customised riding holidays With a mix of trail rides and lessons. 

5 Days

upon consultation

The Teaching

Our teacher is certified and academically qualified to train horses and instruct riders. We strive to provide the highest quality teaching based on a deep knowledge of horses and continued participation in training courses.


We believe a rider’s seat is their principal means of communication with and connection to the horse so we, therefore, give it particular attention.

The teaching

Different Approach

To ensure our horses’ wellbeing, they live outdoors in a family herd, feed off the pastures, and are kept barefoot. 

Due to their unique training and specialised handling, our horses are docile and well-behaved.

Based on extensive equestrian experience and academic background, we aim to provide a pedagogical and interactive experience for our clients.


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