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Holiday Packages

Our holiday packages are a combination of private riding lessons and unforgettable trail rides on the Vicentina coast tailored to you and your preferences. All of our holiday packages are fully customisable. The Premium and Essential packages below include 7 nights of accommodation in our cottages and 5 days of riding activities.  Our programs are customised to individual needs and interests making us suitable for all ages and levels.

Please reach out to us for tailored packages and group pricing. We can accommodate up to 4 riders per group. Lunch and dinner can be arranged. Price can vary depending on the season. 


Premium Package

  • 7 nights accommodation 

  • equestrian activities a day - lesson and trail ride

  • Daily Breakfast


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Essential Package  

  • 7 nights accommodation 

  • 1 equestrian activity a day - choice of daily lesson or trail ride 

  • Daily Breakfast 


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Rota Vicentina by Horse 

A exclusive trip we only do twice a year, for experienced riders.

We connect the Fishermen's trail with the Historic Trail of the Rota Vicentina. 

Rota Vicentina’s network of walking trails has gradually evolved, spreading today throughout this magnificent region of the Alentejo and Vicentine coast. While the coastal trails are truly breathtaking, so are the many paths that extend through fields and mountain ranges further into the interior, areas that have been overlooked by tourism for a long time but that nonetheless deserve to be appreciated.

Mostly by the sea, the Fishermen’s Trail travels along the trails used by the locals to access the beaches and fishing grounds. It is a single track walkable only by foot or horse, along the cliffs, with lots of sand and spectacular nature. 

Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner

Rota Map.jpg

Click on map to read more information about the Rota Vicentina

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