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Anna Gabteni

The first time I saw horses I was so excited my parents had to pull over so I could watch them. A few weeks later I put my birthday money in a jar marked MY HORSE; I was five. I learned to ride right here at Moita Nova and ever since I have been caring for, riding and training horses. I went on to get degrees in equinoculture, in equine osteopathy and equine rehabilitation and physiotherapy. I am a certified equestrian teacher. I have managed several horse farms and riding centers big and small over the years but I was drawn back to Moita Nova because I love the gentle way we ride and care for the well being of our horses; I love that I get to share this unique experience with our clients and I love the beauty of this landscape that keeps me smiling. I live nearby with my boyfriend, my three dogs and our 15 goats. 


I am a certified teacher and am academically qualified to train horses and instruct riders with 20 plus years of experience. I strive to provide the highest quality teaching based on a deep knowledge of horses and continue my participation in training courses. I believe a rider’s seat is their principle means of communication with and connection to the horse so I therefore give it particular attention. I aim to provide our clients with a pedagogical and interactive experience with our horses. 

Given our ethos regarding the integrated management and treatment of our nine horses we ensure their wellbeing by keeping them outdoors in a family herd, barefoot and feeding on pastureland. This coupled with their unique training and specialized handling means that they are docile and well behaved.

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